The Next Generation Pipeline

ImmunOs’ immune-oncology pipeline is based on its ability to engage both the innate and the adaptive immune system with a single, multitasking compound that remodels the tumor’s microenvironment. As a result, the tumor can be targeted both by immunotherapies and the body’s own immune system.

The Company´s first compounds are HLA-based proteins which bind to receptors of LILRB and KIR families.

ImmunOs Therapeutics´ lead program iosH2 is a multi-functional fusion protein that blocks specific LILRB (leukocyte immunoglobulin-like) receptors and thereby activates anti-tumor responses. 

Binding LILRB1/2/4 & KIR3DL1 receptors inhibits immunosuppressive cells and induces tumor infiltration of CD8+ T cells, Macrophages M1-type and NK cells

The Company´s lead program iosH2 is a potent LILRB-modulating agent with potential in multiple solid and liquid tumor indications. It is designed as a potential first-line monotherapy and as a combination therapy to improve medical outcome in non-responders to adaptive immunity agents. iosH2 differentiates from competitor approaches as it is targeting multiple LILRB receptors instead of single receptor.

In various animal models, the compound has led to tumor shrinkage (up to 90%) and to improved survival. 

The compound is expected to enter clinical trials in 2022. A Phase 1a/1b trial will be designed to deliver proof-of-concept in a monotherapy trial of iosH2 with an expansion cohort option for combination with anti-PD1 treatment (pembrolizumab). 

The Company also explores the combination of its products with diverse types of complementary cancer therapies, such as chemotherapy, vaccines, etc.