The Next Generation Pipeline

ImmunOs’ immune-oncology pipeline is based on its ability to engage both the innate and the adaptive immune system with a single, multitasking compound that remodels the tumor’s microenvironment. As a result, the tumor can be targeted both by immunotherapies and the body’s own immune system.

The Company´s first compounds are HLA-based proteins which bind to receptors of LILRB and KIR families.

ImmunOs Therapeutics´ lead program iosH2 is a multi-functional fusion protein that blocks specific LILRB (leukocyte immunoglobulin-like) receptors and thereby activates anti-tumor responses. 

Binding LILRB1/2/4 & KIR3DL1 receptors inhibits immunosuppressive cells and induces tumor infiltration of CD8+ T cells, Macrophages M1-type and NK cells.